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Biohack your life for clear skin and longevity

Healthy Diet

My job is to UNLOCK your amazing ability to heal your body.

Food is the ultimate medicine, but it can also be the ultimate poison.

Prescription drugs are not the answer to your health problems.

“I’ve been prescribed over 20 steroid creams by doctors and dermatologists. Not once did they ask me about my diet. Not once.” – Takashi

My Specialties: Acne / Eczema / Psoriasis / Autoimmune Conditions

50 million Americans with Acne.
30 million Americans with Eczema.
8 million Americans with Psoriasis.
Only 1 Healthy Skin Coach.

There’s a lot of bullshit in healthcare and skincare. 

My goal is to reveal you the truth.

I want to help you achieve clear skin and longevity.

Healthy Diet

Nutrition Coaching

Access to exclusive nutrition coaching with Takashi.
Fitness Planning

Fitness Planning

Access to personalised fitness routines and schedules.


Learn the science behind supplements and its effects.

Skin Care

Original Stories

Access to original stories and case studies from members.
Udemy Course

What Dermatologists Won’t Tell You: The Real Way To Heal Skin

In this course, you will learn the basics on how to heal your acne and eczema without drugs or harsh products. You will learn how to optimize your health to heal your skin naturally.

About Takashi

Healthy Skin Coach

While searching for the answers to healthy skin, I uncovered the secrets to longevity and a scientific-based approach to clear skin and longevity that NO ONE was talking about. After seeing countless doctors and dermatologists who kept prescribing more drugs and never being satisfied with their “solutions,” I decided to help people heal the right way using FOOD as the ultimate medicine.

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Takashi is incredibly knowledgeable in his specialty of skin care—his personal life example speaks for itself! Grateful for his counsel and friendship.

Nicholas E.

Coach Takashi is an amazing young man in giving valuable advice about skin care. Thumbs up!!

Ping W.

Takashi is passionate about helping others with not only skin issues but their self esteem and moving past the negative onto the positive.

Priscilla Z.

Coach Takashi is an amazing young man with a warm and kind heart. He is a christian and dedicated to share his own successful life experience about fighting eczema and acne problems.

Grant R.

Optimize Your Health Today

Takashi Yanagi is a Skin Specialist l Nutritionist l Biohacker helping clients all over the world to get clear skin and achieve longevity.

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