How To Heal Acne Scars in 2020 – Use Collagen!

How To Heal Acne Scars in 2020 – Use Collagen!

Damaged Collagen Forms Acne Scars

When we’re growing up, we’re eating junk food that disrupts our gut microbiome which eventually shows up in the skin in the form of acne. When there is a gut imbalance, the harmful strains of the C. Acnes bacteria is able to thrive on our skin and cause acne breakouts. Acne eventually forms scars because we all make the mistake of trying to pop the pimple or cyst! The bacteria on our fingers get transferred into the open skin and infects the sebaceous glands. The infection and resulting inflammation damages the underlying collagen proteins that support the skin. One study found that students touch their faces on average 23 times per hour!!! Reflect back on how fast the coronavirus spread. Within weeks, it became a global pandemic because humans are dirty creatures who spread germs easily through contact without knowing it. I’ve seen couples pop each other’s pimples which is so fucking gross!

Add Collagen To Heal Acne Scars!

While prevention is the best solution, you’re probably reading this because you have acne scars already. The next best solution is to take collagen supplements to rebuild the damaged collagen inside your cheeks and on your face. Collagen makes up 75% of your skin and it’s the most abundant protein inside your body as it makes up 30% of your entire proteins! The benefits include improving skin hydration, elasticity, wrinkles, texture, and overall complexion. I take my collagen powder every single day to rebuild the damaged proteins inside my cheeks. The results are AMAZING and I will continue taking it everyday for the rest of my life!

The collagen powder is 16 ounces so it’s actually a big tub with 45 servings per container. It’s got all the essential and non-essential but equally important amino acids that you need in order to replace the damaged collagen. These collagen peptides are much more bioavailable and more effective than putting topicals on your face to try to heal your acne scars. Creams can’t really rebuild the damaged collagen on the inside of the skin. You have to add collagen to your daily routine to rebuild those protein fibers slowly over time. With patience, I’ve noticed my skin becoming smoother and tighter. Collagen is also great for your hair and nails! Ladies, if you want luscious hair or on-fleek nails, I highly recommend adding collagen to your daily routines. My goal is to help you clear up your skin and maintain healthy skin for the rest of your life, so you can stay beautiful and sexy!

Recommended Collagen Powder: https://thehealthyskincoach.com/product/collagen-powder/

How To Heal Skin

How To Heal Skin

To heal skin naturally, you first have to understand what inflammation is. The theme of many medical conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, allergies, asthma, cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s, MS, colitis, IBS, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, etc.) is inflammation. Inflammation is acquired through an accumulation of poor diet and lifestyle choices. The secret to healing and to longevity is to reduce inflammation as much as possible. Treat food as the ultimate medicine or the ultimate poison. Time and health are your most valuable assets, so add more time back into your life by optimizing your health starting TODAY.

TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

1. Food Sensitivity Test ($700)

2. Omega-3 Test ($150)

3. Fast (Free)

4. Heal Your Gut ($50)

5. Sweat ($50)

6. Freeze ($25)

7. Meditate (Free)

8. Moisturize ($25)

9. Sleep (Free)

10. Repeat

Total Cost: $1000

Steps To Heal Your Skin:

1. Food Sensitivity Test

a. Fad diets are a joke. You can be sensitive to any of the foods in any of the diets.

b. The future of healthcare is personalized and customized to YOUR specific body.

c. Email healthyskincoach@gmail.com to get connected to the best test that measures and quantifies all the inflammatory chemicals released from foods.

d. 3 US Patents, highest level of accuracy at 94% sensitivity and 92% specificity

e. More accurate and useful than IgG (Everlywell), Skin Prick Tests, IgE testing

f. Identifies anti-inflammatory foods specific to YOUR body that reduce inflammatory biomarkers for longer lifespan

g. Cost: $700

2. Omega-3 Test

a. Omega-6 (bad) to Omega-3 (good) ratio measures inflammation in your cell membranes.

b. The future of healthcare is personalized and customized to YOUR specific body.

c. Average Omega 6:3 ratio in America: 25:1

d. People who take Omega-3 supplements: 16:1

-Standard Omega-3 supplements are oxidized quickly and not bioavailable

e. Healthy ratio: 3:1

f. Optimal ratio: 1:1

g. Recommended Test: Zinzino’s BalanceTest

h. Recommended Omega-3 Oil: Zinzino’s BalanceOil

-Most bioavailable in the market because the EPA/DHA are combined with olive polyphenols, also contains Vitamin D

-EPA/DHA and Vitamin D reduce inflammatory biomarkers and lengthen telomeres for longer lifespan

-90% people are deficient or insufficient in EPA, DHA, and Vitamin D.

-Developed by Dr. Paul Clayton, world-renowned Omega-3 scientist

i. Cost: $150

3. Fast

a. 3 days or longer to activate autophagy which removes dead cells and proteins. Fasting helps to accelerate the healing of your skin.

b. Intermittent fast for 16 hours daily for healthy maintenance

c. Activates hormesis and longevity genes for longer lifespan

d. Cost: Free

4. Heal Your Gut

a. 80% of your immune system lies in the gut. You have to heal your gut to heal your skin.

b. Leaky gut from inflammatory foods causes food to travel through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream causing the immune system to overreact

c. Anti-inflammatory foods (from your Food Sensitivity Test) help heal a leaky gut which reduces inflammatory biomarkers for longer lifespan

d. Cost: $50 / week

5. Sweat

a. Sauna for 30 minutes daily

b. Exercise for 30 minutes daily

c. Activates hormesis and longevity genes for longer lifespan

d. Cost: $50 / month

6. Freeze

a. Cold baths and showers for 30 minutes daily

b. Activates hormesis and longevity genes for longer lifespan

c. Cost: $25 / week

7. Meditate

a. Breathe like Wim Hof for 30 minutes daily

b. Reduce stress and negative energy

c. Lengthens telomeres for longer lifespan

d. Cost: Free

8. Moisturize

a. Balance your skin microbiome by using oils to maintain the protective barrier of your skin (acid mantle)

b. Recommended: Almond oil, coconut oil or essential oils to heal your skin

c. Avoid synthetic ingredients in creams, topicals, cleansers, body washes, detergents, etc.

d. Cost: $25 / month

9. Sleep

a. Aim for 8 hours

b. Lengthens telomeres for longer lifespan

c. Free

10. Repeat


1. Understand your body’s limitations

2. Balance your gut microbiome

3. Balance your skin microbiome

4. Activate hormesis

5. Rest, relax, and repeat

Once you regain health, have a cheat day — you earned it!