Food Sensitivity Test

The Food Inflammation Test is considered to be the best food sensitivity test available since it can detect inflammation caused by BOTH type lll and type IV hypersensitivity pathways. It measures the end result of while blood cells after all the inflammatory chemicals (that can damage the skin and body) have been released. 

1. Email: your name, address, phone #, and birth date to order the test.

2. The Healthy Skin Program which comes with the Food Sensitivity Test is $1500. Venmo/Zelle accepted.

3. Schedule a phlebotomy (blood draw) at a hospital or diagnostics lab near you after receiving the test kit.

4. Ship the vials of blood to the lab. The overnight shipping label (Fedex) is included with the test kit. 

5. Receive your results in 2 – 3 weeks!

MRT Infographic
Food Sensitivity Test
Food Sensitivity Test