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Takashi Yanagi

UPDATED: 7/22/20

What Is The Food Sensitivity Test?

The Food Sensitivity Test analyzes which foods cause inflammation inside YOUR body. It requires a blood sample (drawn from your arm) that will be shipped overnight to the research lab.

If your white blood cells shrink when exposed to a food antigen, it’s a sign that numerous inflammatory chemicals were released that can harm any organ including the skin.

You can have hidden food sensitivities that cause acne or eczema to keep coming back.

Your triggers could be your favorite foods OR even healthy foods like blueberries and spinach!

Diets based on the Food Sensitivity Test have been proven to lower inflammation inside the body which reduces the symptoms many patients experience including acne and eczema

A study presented at the American College of Gastroenterology conference found that people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who followed an elimination diet based on the Food Sensitivity Test for at least one month reported a 67% improvement in gut issues, such as diarrhea.

How Many Foods Are Tested?

The Food Sensitivity Test analyzes 170 different foods and food chemicals to see what triggers your immune system. Understanding your immune system is the single most important tool for your skin and longevity because it allows you to prevent diseases associated with inflammation and inflammatory foods.

Healing Symptoms Naturally

Many patients see significant improvements within 2 weeks of removing foods that are highly reactive to their immune systems. Reducing internal inflammation is the most important step in healing your gut & skin.

What Do The Colors Mean?

The foods in red are your MOST REACTIVE foods triggering your immune system. The foods in yellow are MODERATELY REACTIVE and should also be avoided during the healing process. Your diet should be centered around foods in green to optimize your health, your skin, and your lifespan.

Symptoms Of Food Sensitivities

Certain foods can trigger the immune system to overreact and cause inflammation which leads to MANY medical conditions affecting your skin, gut, brain, muscles, joints and more! I found out TEA was triggering my severe ECZEMA which caused me DEPRESSION & ANXIETY. Removing tea allowed me to heal naturally with no drugs involved!    

Healing With Food, Not Drugs

Drugs are not the answer. Your doctors want to give you drugs that might fix one thing and break 10 other things inside the body. Symptoms that last for years are directly related to the foods you have been eating. Food is the BEST MEDICINE, but it can also be the ULTIMATE POISON. Come get your Food Sensitivity Test TODAY!

How Much Does The Test Cost? ($900)

The Food Sensitivity Test costs $900 because it truly is the BEST test in the world. It measures all antibodies IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE, IgD as well as inflammatory chemicals like cytokines, histamines, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, and thromboxanes involved in the immune system. These chemicals are involved in every medical condition known to man.


Why Is It Better Than Everlywell? ($159)

Everlywell tests only IgG antibodies so it’s cheaper ($159), but do you really want to cheap out on your health?

Immunoglobulin G tests like Everlywell “are completely useless and do dramatic harm” because they may compel patients to unnecessarily avoid a healthy diet. “In all my years of practice, I have never used an immunoglobulin G test because they have no ability to predict food sensitivities,”  Dr. Robert Wood at John’s Hopkins Children Center said.

F.S.T. Uses 4 Tubes Of Blood


Everlywell Uses Drops Of Blood

The Food Sensitivity Test uses 4 tubes of blood to give you the MOST ACCURATE results in the world. The research lab has 3 US Patents for the F.S.T. and have obtained the highest level of accuracy at 94% sensitivity and 92% specificity. Everlywell uses only drops of blood for $159 to give you inaccurate results. Doctors and nutritionists highly recommend using the F.S.T. and DO NOT recommend using IgG tests like Everlywell.



“I had severe gut issues and was really worried it was cancer or something. I reached out to Takashi and he explained the science behind my gut problems. He recommended the Food Sensitivity Test, and I found out I’m super sensitive to wheat! Like the red color was off the charts! I followed Takashi’s diet and lifestyle recommendations to reduce all that inflammation. Now, I’ve healed and don’t experience symptoms anymore. Thank you Takashi!!!” – Tom (Los Angeles, CA)

“I have suffered with Colitis for over 15 years. I’ve seen countless doctors and tried numerous medications. After years of constant pain, I decided to reach out to a nutritionist as a last resort. I spoke with Takashi and he explained the science behind my gut inflammation. He recommended this Food Sensitivity Test and created a customized plan for me. I am no longer in pain, or afraid to leave the house. I am so grateful to Takashi for all the guidance he gave me. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing chronic stomach issues.” – Eman (Los Angeles, CA)


Ready To Invest In Your Health & Longevity?


What $900 Gets You:

  1. Food Sensitivity Test
  2. Takashi’s Longevity Program
  3. Understanding Your Immune System
  4. Reducing Inflammation To Heal Symptoms
  5. Achieving Clear Skin & Longevity
  6. Saving $$$ On Medical Costs
  7. Saving Time By Staying Healthy

  Total Value: Priceless

*Minimum weight for blood draw: 16 lbs. No minimum age. Shipping Locations: US, Canada, EU, UK. We accept FSA/HSA, credit card, or crypto. Shipping cost included. Blood draw cost not included. To ship a Food Sensitivity Test kit, email [email protected] your full name, address, phone #, and date of birth of those who will test.

    Taking the Food Sensitivity Test was the best decision I've made for my gut health.


    – Victor (San Diego, CA)

    I found out broccoli was actually causing my psoriasis! Wow I had NO idea...


    – Katie (Des Moines, IA)

    My colitis went away after I removed wheat from my diet!


    – Sam (Los Angeles, CA)