I Use Saunas Every Day

I can’t say enough good things about using saunas. Saunas are one of my key secrets to healthy skin, a strong immune system, and longevity. I was using the sauna every day before the quarantine, so my body has been itching to go back! My sauna withdrawals are making me LOSE MY MIND.

Saunas Improve Skin & Heals Acne

Excess sebum from a poor diet, puberty, and hormonal imbalance leads to acne. The C. Acnes bacteria in your sebaceous glands love to grow in sebum-rich environments! Saunas improve skin and helps heal acne by reducing sebum levels by up to 25%! That means less oils and acne and tighter pores on your face!

Saunas also promote better epidermal function and increased stratum corneum hydration. This means that the outer layer of your skin improves dramatically! The excess sweat leads to the removal of toxins and dirt that build up in your pores as well as a stronger acid mantle which is the natural protective barrier of your skin that fights against bad bacteria.

Saunas Increase White Blood Cells

Saunas are amazing for your immune system. If you’re scared about the Coronavirus, you should hit the sauna to increase your white blood cells and boost your immune system! I haven’t gotten any major illnesses since I started using saunas every day, and I don’t plan to stop!

Saunas Reduce Stress

Stress is the silent killer that accumulates and destroys your skin and your health. I use saunas to get high from the release of dopamine and endorphins! This high is so powerful. It reduces all my stress and help me get amazing sleep at night.

Saunas Enhance Longevity

Saunas also activate heat-shock proteins that lead to hormetic adaptation. Hormesis is when little stressors (saunas, ice baths, fasting, exercise) signal your body to become resilient and stronger. It’s important for your overall longevity! Two large observational studies found striking risk reductions for sudden cardiac death (63%) and all-cause mortality (40%) as well as for dementia (66%) and Alzheimer’s disease (65%), in men who used a sauna 4−7 times per week. Do I need to say more???

Recommending Portable Saunas For Your Skin & Health

I highly recommend the portable sauna and the at-home sauna in my shop. View it as an investment for your skin, your health, and your longevity. Instead of spending money on clothes and shoes you won’t ever wear, invest in your health starting today!