I recently wrote about how stress triggers IBD and Colitis. Stress is something that most people will ignore, but it will end up killing you. Chronic stress destroyed my skin both when my mom passed away and when my wallet/phone/ID were stolen. This taught my to live a stress-free life to maintain healthy skin. A poor diet and stress is the ultimate killer combo. They will kill you the quickest due to the enormous amount of inflammation happening inside the body. There are 2 types of inflammation: Diet inflammation and stress inflammation. To heal colitis, you have to reduce both types of inflammation and that involves healing the gut and calming the mind.

How to heal your gut: Food Sensitivity Test, Omega 3 Test, Probiotics, Fasting

How to heal your mind: Wim Hof, Saunas, Yoga, Exercise

Heal Your Gut: Food Sensitivity Test

The foods we eat release inflammatory chemicals (cytokines, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, etc.) from various white blood cells (neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils, lymphocytes). When too many chemicals are released, the immune system starts to overreact and send signals to the gut, skin, joints, muscles, etc. It is the single most important event that leads to negative medical conditions. Patients and dermatologists wrongly focus on fixing the skin when it’s actually a gut inflammation problem. The best solution is to reduce gut inflammation by taking a food sensitivity test to see which foods are releasing too much inflammatory chemicals inside your body.

Heal Your Gut: Omega 3 Test

I took an Omega 3 Test (BalanceTest) created by Zinzino to measure inflammation in my cell membranes. It showed my Omega 6:3 ratio. I’m sharing my results here:


My score was 5:1.

The average American is 25:1 (Your cells are inflamed by 25x!!!)

People taking fish oil pills is 16:1 (Pills are NOT bioavailable or effective!)

A healthy level is below 3:1.

My optimal target is 1:1.

Too much Omega 6s have been linked to acne, eczema, psoriasisautoimmune conditions, and cancers due to excessive cell inflammation.

That’s why I take my Omega 3 oil every day to reduce inflammation inside my body for healthier skin and for my longevity. 90% of Americans are Omega 3 deficient, and it’s causing 96,000 Americans to die each year!

Heal Your Gut: Probiotics

Colitis stems from inflammation in the gut that overwhelms the immune system which lies in the gut. Probiotics are healthy strains of good bacteria that supports gut health which also supports the immune system by association. I take a skin probiotic called Skinesa which have strains of bacteria proven in clinical studies to improve skin quality. Colitis patients should seek a good probiotic that supports gut health.

Heal Your Gut: Fasting

Fasting is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce inflammation inside the body. I’m currently doing one as I type! I fast for 1-2 days whenever I run out of groceries. Fasting activates autophagy that will recycle away dead proteins and cells that build up inside the body. Autophagy is a key process necessary for longevity. Fasting will allow the gut to repair itself since the gut lining regenerates itself every week. The longer the fast, the more benefits you’ll experience.

Heal Your Mind: Wim Hof’s Method

Many of my clients notice their skin or gut symptoms after a stressful event happens in their lives. Stress causes an enormous spike in inflammation inside the body as your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) turns on and and doesn’t turn off. It shuts down your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response) which you need for a healthy gut and to rest the body. Since 80% of your immune cells lie in the gut, your immune system starts freaking out! That’s why a lot of people get “autoimmune” conditions after a stressful event happens.

Breathing activates the vagus nerve to reduce inflammation. I’m a big fan of Wim Hof’s method of breathing and cold showers every day to reduce inflammation. He scientifically proved that breathing reduces inflammatory cytokines and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines inside the body! Remember guys: Breathe Bitch!!!

Heal Your Mind: Saunas

Saunas are amazing at relaxing the body and calming the mind. I use the sauna every day since there are so many health benefits associated with it. Two large observational studies found striking risk reductions for sudden cardiac death (63%) and all-cause mortality (40%) as well as for dementia (66%) and Alzheimer’s disease (65%), in men who used a sauna 4−7 times per week. Do I need to say more???

Heal Your Mind: Yoga & Exercise

Yoga and exercising are both great way to relieve built up stress. Mental healing is essential for treating colitis. I do yoga every morning and workout every afternoon to heal my mind for healthy skin!

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