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Takashi Yanagi

UPDATED: 7/22/20

What Is The Test?

The BalanceTest gives a unique insight into your body’s Omega 6:3 ratio which measures inflammation inside the cell membranes. Your cells are healthier with a lower ratio. Use Zinzino’s BalanceOil, a premium blend containing natural Omega 3 oil (EPA + DHA), olive polyphenols and vitamin D3 to protect cells from rusting (oxidation) and lower your body’s Omega 6:3 ratio. This supports normal brain function, heart function, healthy skin, and immune system. You can view my actual test results here.

Too much Omega 6s have been linked to acne, eczema, psoriasisautoimmune conditions, and cancers due to excessive cell inflammation.

That’s why I take my Omega 3 oil every day to reduce inflammation inside my body for healthier skin and for my longevity. 90% of Americans are Omega 3 deficient, and it’s causing 96,000 Americans to die each year!

Omega 3 Deficiency Causes 96,000 American Deaths According To Research By The CDC and Harvard University. (Source)

BalanceOil With BalanceTest ($109)

1 BalanceOil+, 300 ml

1 BalanceOil, 100 ml

2 BalanceTest*

* You can find one BalanceTest in your first delivery, while your second BalanceTest will be delivered after 120 days so that you can do them at the right time to see both your “before” and “after” results.

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BalanceOil = Omega 3 Oil

BalanceOil is the most bioavailable Omega 3 oil in the world because the olive polyphenols called tannins protect the oil from oxidation (rusting) inside the body. Most fish oil pills and supplements get oxidized and are NOT bioavailable inside the body. BalanceOil also includes Vitamin D that most Americans are deficient in!

BalanceTest = Omega 6:3 Test

Prick your finger to draw a small amount of blood onto the test paper. Alcohol wipes are provided. Ship the test to the lab and find out your results within 3 weeks.

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Omega 6:3 Ratio Explanation

The average American is 25:1

(Their cells are inflamed by 25x!)

People taking fish oil pills is 16:1

(Pills are NOT bioavailable or effective!)

My ratio was 5:1.

A healthy level is below 3:1.



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Healing Starts With Food

Drugs are not the answer. Symptoms that last for years are directly related to the foods you have been eating. Come get your test done TODAY!

Americans with Acne

Americans with Eczema

Americans with Psoriasis

Taking this test was the best decision I've made for my gut health.


– Victor (San Diego, CA)

I found out broccoli was actually causing my psoriasis! Wow I had NO idea...


– Katie (Des Moines, IA)

My colitis went away after I removed wheat from my diet!


– Sam (Los Angeles, CA)