Reduce gut inflammation for clear skin and longevity.

Your skin problem is not a “skin” problem. It’s a “gut” problem. You and your dermatologist have been focused on the wrong organ.

Healthy Skin Membership

You have to control inflammation, don’t let it control you. I will show you how.

Professional skin coach, Takashi Yanagi, has helped hundreds of people achieve healthier skin over the last several years. He will help identify inflammatory foods in your diet and make sure you include crucial foods that have been proven in scientific studies to reduce inflammatory biomarkers like cytokines, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Are you embarrassed about your skin?

  • Has your skin limited you from fully enjoying life?

  • Have you seen multiple dermatologists with no real solutions?

  • Have you been prescribed countless creams or antibiotics?

  • Does your acne or eczema keep coming back year after year?


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Get the complete list of ingredients you need to achieve healthier skin 

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Get monthly case studies of programs and routines that worked for other members

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Get a personalized plan to guide you step-by-step though the healing process

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • Weekly coaching
  • Available via video/phone
  • Lifestyle and workout advice to activate longevity genes
  • Webinars for health and skin science topics
  • A treasure trove of scientific research studies available
  • Private Facebook Group for additional coaching

$50 Consultation (Applies To Your Membership – Optional)

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Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

When it comes to your health, don’t delay in optimizing your life for clear skin and longevity. Every day you waste is another day you’re increasing inflammation. Start today to stop suffering from severe acne and eczema forever.

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Takashi Yanagi is a Skin Specialist l Nutritionist l Biohacker helping clients all over the world to get clear skin and achieve longevity.