Top 10 Natural Remedies For Acne

Top Acne Remedies

The secret to healing acne is reducing internal and external inflammation.

Inflammation is the key theme in many medical conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, allergies, cancer, and heart disease.

As we age, we accumulate inflammation from sources like food, stress, and the environment that end up damaging our bodies.

I work with my clients to help them heal naturally by reducing: 

1. Food Inflammation 2. Gut Inflammation 3. Stress Inflammation 4. Environmental Inflammation

In this post, I review my top 10 remedies for acne to help you optimize your skin, health, and wellbeing!

1. Remove Food Triggers

Food Sensitivity Test

Every food we eat can increase or decrease inflammation.

Food is the biggest source of inflammation.

I work with ALL my clients to identify their food sensitivities. This is the most important step in the healing process.

We all have unknown food sensitivities that can spike inflammation and trigger our symptoms.

I found out DAIRY was causing my acne to go crazy!

My clients have found out that “healthy” foods like corn, soy, lemon, broccoli, or rice were causing THEIR symptoms!

2. Balance Your Omega 6:3 Ratio

Screen Shot 2020 07 17 at 7.07.48 PM

Health problems can stem from an imbalance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats.

The average American has a 20:1 ratio when a healthy ratio is 2:1.

This imbalance causes inflammation with too many Omega-6s and not enough Omega-3s. 

You can find out your Omega 6:3 ratio with this BalanceTest from Zinzino. I took the test and got a ratio of 5:1.

Most of my clients score in the unhealthy range of 20:1 – 25:1!

I also recommend taking this high-quality fish oil from Zinzino or eating salmon / sardines on a weekly basis.

3. Heal Your Gut

how to heal your gut

Your gut holds 70% of your immune system.

Food inflammation damages the gut which ultimately damages the immune system.

A damaged immune system sends signals to the skin in the form acne or eczema.

I help my clients heal their gut by lowering food inflammation and even fasting with them during the initial healing process.

I also recommend taking collagen and bone broth which can both heal and strengthen the gut lining.

4. Remove External Allergens


External allergens can worsen acne.

My clients have found out their cats, dogs, and even rabbits were worsening their skin symptoms. 

Even dust mites, grass, and pollen can pose a problem.

Anything in the environment that touches the skin can be the source of inflammation so be aware of your surroundings.

One of my clients was even reacting to the leather in his couch!

I recommend making a note of everything that touches your skin (especially around your acne) to determine the cause. You can also take antihistamines or allergy pills to reduce the itchiness.

5. Remove Mold


Mold, mycotoxins, and endotoxins can increase the risk of fungal acne.

Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture like in the bathroom or kitchen. It can be easily spotted or even invisible to the naked eye! 

My clients have found that removing mold in their bathrooms or air conditioners significantly improved their symptoms.

I recommend my clients to do a thorough cleaning of their house and surroundings to remove any environmental triggers that can worsen your skin.

6. Remove Synthetic Products

synthetic ingredients

Synthetic ingredients can be harmful especially to sensitive skin.

Harsh chemicals in everyday products like cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and laundry detergents can worsen your skin. 

These synthetic ingredients can disrupt the healthy bacteria that lives on the skin to protect the skin barrier.

These chemicals can increase the sensitivity of your skin with continued usage over time.

I recommend my clients who battle with acne to remove synthetic ingredients from their products. Focus on using all-natural products and oils.

7. Add Natural Oils


Essential oils have been proven to reduce inflammation.

Essential oils have been used to relieve skin symptoms for centuries. 


Studies show that essential oils like lavender and frankincense reduce the inflammatory chemicals involved in skin symptoms.

I recommend using a carrier oil like almond oil first to dilute the essential oils and then you can apply the mixed oils on your skin. 

8. Moisturize & Hydrate


Over 70% of the human body is made up of water!

We have to constantly replace the water that’s lost in our skin and inside our bodies.

Not enough people drink the recommended daily amount of water (0.5 gallons).

Most people also use the wrong synthetic products that can dehydrate their skin and hair without even knowing it.

I help my clients use natural ingredients that protect the skin barrier and the healthy bacteria on the skin and to avoid bad products. 

For moisturizers, I recommend Cerave that contain 3 essential ceramides which make up 50% of the skin barrier.

9. Meditate & Sleep


Meditation and sleep can accelerate the healing process by reducing stress and internal inflammation.

Stress is the 2nd biggest source of inflammation behind food. 

Meditation has been shown to dramatically reduce stress and lengthen telomeres which are signs for longer lifespan.
I help my clients add meditation into their busy schedules and even do breathing exercises WITH them during the initial healing stage.

The loss of sleep has been shown to directly increase inflammatory chemicals inside the body.


I also recommend my clients to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. The longer you sleep, the faster you heal.

10. Don't Pop It!


Popping pimples can damage the skin barrier and increases the risk of infection and further inflammation.

I know not popping your pimples can be the hardest thing to do. 

Popping it increases the risk of transferring this bacteria from your fingers to the open wound and the risk of acne scarring.

Essential oils with its antimicrobial properties can help kill off the harmful S. aureas bacteria to help the skin heal quicker.

Instead of popping it, try using a clay mask to dry out the pimple which will speed up the healing process.

I also recommend an ice pack on the skin to relieve the inflammation.

Remember guys: it takes 1 month for new skin to turn over so be patient!


The secret to healing acne is to reduce these types of inflammation: 1. Food Inflammation 2. Gut Inflammation 3. Stress Inflammation 4. Environmental Inflammation. This can be really difficult with all the craziness life throws at us. If you need my help with any of this, please email me! ( I love working with my clients to help them heal their skin and bodies in the most natural way possible. 

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